Last Updated: 9/9/13

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Has your dancing become routine, predictable, non-challenging?: Give Liberty Stars a chance to create a new and enjoyable Plus DBD experience for you. All of our dances use computer cards so you never have to worry about fitting into a square. Challenging material is workshopped throughout the dance.

Think you know Liberty Stars?: If you haven't visited Liberty Stars in a while then think again. Both your skill level and our club have changed. Come dance with us again!

History: The club was founded in March 1992 by the late Ed Armon with the first Salute to America. He remained in a leadership role until 1997. The late Brian Fugere was the first club caller. The club was established as a "High Plus" club and from 1993-95 offered Plus DBD classes with caller Mark Franks. In 1993 Advanced tips were added to our regular program. Later Challenge dances were tried for a while. Plus DBD remains at the heart of the club.

Today: Our club is open to all experienced Plus dancers who like a challenge when they dance. If you like challenging choreography and see a square "break down" as a chance to learn something new then Liberty Stars is the place for you. The better your knowledge of CALLERLAB definitions the more success you will experience at DBD. We use computer squares so everyone gets a fair share of dance time and to make sure there is a variety of skill levels in each square. We're always willing to help new comers.

Dress: Square Dance attire is encouraged (except in extreme weather) but not required. We are more interested in having you dance than worrying about what you wear.

Home: In May of 2005 we moved to Grace Lutheran Church at 1169 West Street Road, Warminster, PA, 18974. Click here for directions.

Join Liberty Stars: Help promote the only Plus DBD/Advanced Club in the Delaware Valley. Badges are available. We encourage you to wear a badge at all dances - just because you know everyone's name doesn't mean they know yours.

Click here to e-mail us for more information about joining, ordering a badge, and if you have any club history to share.

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